These Games Are Still Discounted on Amazon After Black Friday Weekend

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So, you thought that Black Friday weekend was over, huh? You thought you could finally peacefully relax, and not lose sleep over all those great deals you might be missing at any given moment? YOU WERE WRONG. Well, sort of. Black Friday weekend is over, but some games have retained some of their markdowns on Amazon. It’s unclear how long some of these while last, so get ’em while you can. If you were fearing buyer’s remorse over the weekend but you’re feeling repentant now, here’s a chance to grab anything you may have missed. While many of these games are not among the top sellers in the board game world, there are some popular hits on here, such as Takenoko.

Asara ($22.92)
Barony ($28.99) 
Battle of Westeros ($38.49) (Additional $4 drop)
Battlelore ($53.92)
Bootleggers ($29.51)

Cardline Globetrotters ($9.55)
Castle Panic ($17.67)

Dead of Winter ($43.49)
Dice City ($30.95)
Dragon Slayer ($7.99)
Fistful of Dinero ($14.96)
Fortress America ($39.99)
Haggis ($8.99)
Hobbit Deck Building Game ($10.99)

Hyperborea ($49.75)
Illusio ($12.94)
Iron Kingdoms: Kings Nations & Gods ($32.13)
Lagoon: Land of Druids ($13.29)
Lord of the Rings Deck Building Game ($9.99)
Lost Temple ($20.58)
LotR: Return of the King Deck Building Game ($10.99)
LotR: Two Towers Deck Building Game ($9.98)
Patrician ($15.80)
Rialto ($24.95)
San Juan ($21.88) 
Sheepland ($18.95)

Takenoko ($22.75)
Trains ($22.37)
Zombicide Season 2 ($61.99)

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