Thanks to Everybody Who Entered the Citadels Giveaway

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Although we’ve been a little late in closing this thing up, we’d like to give a shoutout to everybody who participated in our Citadels giveaway that we hosted last week! We hosted the giveaway for two reasons–first, to give back to our wonderful readers, and second, to help spread the word about Board Game Resource so that it can continue to grow! I’ve been working hard every single day to improve BGR, and I hope that someday, many many more people will come to trust this website as a useful resource for their hobby.

During the week of the contest, we added each name to a master list as people entered. We provided multiple ways to enter, and you were able to increase your odds if you chose multiple entry methods. Once we closed the contest, assigned each name to a number, and used a randomizer to determine the winner, who ended up being @jamesreid860. We’ve contacted him, and the prize will be shipping soon.

To everybody who entered and didn’t win, thanks for participating! Keep checking back, because we’ll be doing more giveaways in the future.

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