This Really Cool Tool Will Tell You What Kind of Tabletop Gamer You Are

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I was on Facebook the other day, when I came across something pretty cool! Somebody had posted their results from this online survey that gave a detailed analysis on what “type” of gamer they were. Now hold on, don’t turn away just yet! This tool isn’t some lame, generic quiz that surmises to tell you all about yourself after five questions. It’s an actual tool designed to help you understand why you play games, and it also gives you advanced game recommendations based on your answers. It’s effectively a survey that creates a “profile” for you, and then helps you to see where you can go next to most appeal to your gaming personality type and tastes. Buzzfeed, this is not.

Here are my results!

resultsAs you can see, I really love conflict, social manipulation, and strong player interaction in my games (much to the chagrin of my game group). I also love highly strategic games and really just want the experience to be fun. Now, I already knew these things about myself, calling into question the “why” of these surveys, and that’s where the next part comes in. You get a pretty detailed analysis of how certain games rank into specific categories, and it has the option of recommending games that fall into your taste.


You may not need a website to tell you what kind of gamer you are, but I thought it was pretty cool! If anything, it’s at least something that’s genuinely helpful, instead of typical garbage clickbait surveys. Go ahead and take it and see what comes up! Did it get things right, or horribly wrong? Have fun!

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