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Review - Mysterium

In All, Mysterium, Reviews by Mike Mihealsick1 Comment

There’s been a murder, and it’s up to you to discern the nature of the suspect, the weapon, and the room in which the attack took place! Hold off with that cease and desist letter there, Professor Plum. This particular murder took place thirty years ago, and the ghost is on your side.

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Review - Castles of Burgundy

In All, Reviews by Zach Hillegas1 Comment

A picturesque castle sits atop a hill in an idyllic French countryside. It commands a sizable domain; buildings and small towns sit in close proximity, and farmers tend to their livestock while ships move goods to and from the estate on the nearby river. This is Castles of Burgundy, a peaceful eurogame that tasks players with building the most successful estate.