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Keeping Board Game Resource Alive, Round 3

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Hey everyone! If you’ve happened to check in on BGR in the last few months, the only thing you’ve probably found is disappointment–I haven’t updated since August, and there was another one to two month drought before that. Perhaps some of you thought I had abandoned the site, and I wouldn’t blame you. The truth is, I’ve gotten really busy and I’ve let other priorities take over. I’m still a student, I’m working a job from home, and I’m trying to juggle those things, along with spending quality time with my lovely wife and other loved ones. Oh, and of course, playing games. That’s a lot of stuff! However, I’ve been checking back in on the site and I miss updating it. I’ve done some thinking and I’ve decided that creating more content for BGR is a worthwhile investment of my time, and I’m going to try harder than I have been in the last few months to keep the site updated with fresh content.

While I’d like to be publishing every day, even I know that that’s a pretty ambitious goal. I would like to get posts up every few days, or maybe once a week if I get busy. Regardless of what ends up happening, I’m recommitting to posting content, and I hope all of my readers will enjoy! I still have ambitious plans for BGR, and hopefully I’ll reach a point soon to where I can really start working on fulfilling my vision for it.

Thank you so much for reading!

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Zach Hillegas

Zach is an avid tabletop gamer, and he created Board Game Resource out of his love for the hobby, and his desire to see more people come into it. When he's not writing for or managing BGR, Zach might be hanging out with cats, hiking a mountain, spending time with his lovely wife, or writing about video game stuff for Insert Gamer. Zach has also enjoys creating digital character art. You can check out his (long neglected) gallery here, or follow him on Instagram at @artworkbyzach!


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