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Imperial Assault Review

NOTE: The retail version of this game does not include painted minis. The minis in all of the included pictures were handpainted before the review was written. For examples of what the minis look like unpainted, please refer to Fantasy Flight Games’ official site.


It’s a scene that seems all too familiar: Stormtroopers blast through the doorways, as plasma bolts echo through the hall. Our rebel heroes duck behind cover, dodging blaster fire, seizing opportune moments to strike back. A Wookie lets out an angry roar and runs towards the troopers, ready to bash their skulls together himself. All the while, the smuggler dashes ahead to destroy a nearby terminal while the Jedi deflects the shots surrounding her. But hold up – this isn’t a Star Wars movie you’re watching, and no, you’re not playing Battlefront on a screen, you’re playing Imperial Assault, the board game that manages to take all of this action, and pack it into a cardboard box.

Imperial Assault, published in 2014 by Fantasy Flight Games, is a huge, heaping dose of tabletop Star Wars action. The game combines traditional board game elements with miniatures gameplay, not unlike FFG’s earlier offering, Descent 2.0: Journeys in the Dark, from which Imperial Assault’s gameplay is heavily inspired. The game features both a campaign mode and a skirmish game, essentially making it two games in one box. The campaign pits four rebel players against an Imperial player, functioning as a co-operative dungeon crawler experience, complete with a storyline and character progression. The skirmish mode is a simpler, 1v1 affair where players can build teams and fight to the death. Imperial Assault is Star Wars through and through, and won’t disappoint for fans of the series.


How do you play the game? Is it a fun experience? How much interaction is there between the players? Is there very much luck involved? Will it take forever to to learn and teach?



How much strategy is involved? Is there a sense of variety and balance? Does the game play well no matter how many players there are? How long does it take to play?


Look and Feel

Is the game aesthetically pleasing? Are the components made out of quality material, or do they feel cheap? Is the rulebook well-designed and easy to read? How well is theme integrated into the game?



Is it a game you can play over and over? Are there expansions available for the game, and if so, are they necessary? Does the amount of the content in the box justify the price?



Imperial Assault is a highly ambitious, thematic adventure that is jam packed with content and endlessly replayable. It is not a light game – it will take a bit of time to set up and to play, but it’s a blast when it gets rolling. The campaign is massive and provides a great experience for up to five friends, provided that they’re okay with some luck swings here and there. The skirmish mode is a highly tactical, competitive game that provides a touch of deck building and objective play to an otherwise standard 1v1 experience. The game packs a punch visually, and delivers the Star Wars theme in spades. Overall, if you’re a Star Wars fan, or even just a board game fan looking to add something bombastic to your collection, Imperial Assault is a no brainer. The force is strong with this one.



  • You like Star Wars
  • You like dungeon crawlers
  • You like highly tactical games
  • You like player vs. player conflict
  • You want an experience that can span over multiple sessions with built in progression (campaign)
  • You like co-operative experiences (campaign)
  • If you enjoy competitive squad-building/deck-building (skirmish)
  • You like games with plenty of expansionary content


  • You want something you can set up and play quickly
  • You don’t like occasional unlucky dice
  • You don’t like random events (campaign)
  • You don’t like building your hand or making decisions before you play
  • You don’t want to spend $65 or more
  • You don’t like keeping track of a lot of details at once 
  • You don’t like long games
  • You don’t like Star Wars
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