We’re Giving Away a Free Copy of Age of Steam

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Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas, everyone! To get into that jolly holiday spirit, we’re hosting a December giveaway! The prize? A free copy of Age of Steam, a delightful train game that’s just waiting to be played. YOU could be the winner of this game! Entering is extremely easy.

How to Enter

All you have to do to take part in this giveaway is LIKE our official Facebook page! Once you like the page, you’ll be entered into a raffle, from which the winner will be randomly selected on Friday, December 16th (one week’s time).

If you have already liked our page, you can also enter by SHARING any post from our Facebook page, this one included! Make sure you share it from the Facebook page and not from here, otherwise we might not be able to see that you shared it.

About the Game

Age of Steam is a competitive railroad game that makes Ticket to Ride look like Candy Land. Players compete to build the most successful line on a tight budget. Mistakes can cost you dearly, while success is highly invigorating. Age of Steam is often regarded as one of the best railroad games of all time, and ranks #87 on BoardGameGeek’s top 100. Currently, Age of Steam is not available for Amazon Prime shipping.


Our Copy

It’s worth noting that the copy that we’re giving away has been opened, but never played. The pieces have been punched out (sorry, punching enthusiasts), but aside from the occasion that it was opened, the game has never been played, and the components still feel brand new. There is little to no wear on the box, and it feels like new. Sorry we can’t give you an unopened copy, but hey, it’s free right?

Good luck to everyone, and Merry Christmas!

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