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It’s been an exciting time for Board Game Resource. While the going is still slow, more and more people have begun to discover this website. Viewewship is ever so slightly increasing, and we’ve reached a milestone: 100 followers on Twitter! For anybody who maintains a busy Twitter account, this is probably a laughable prospect, but it’s very exciting to know that people are reading.

I’ve spent hours upon hours pouring my heart into this site, and as a personal thank you, I have a sealed copy of Citadels to give away to one of BGR’s lucky readers. I’m extremely appreciative of anybody who’s taken the time to read the content here, and I’d like to give something back.

The winner will be decided one week from now on the 6th of January, at 11:59 PM MST.



Citadels is a lovely little game from Fantasy Flight. It retails for $25, and is quite well-received among gamers. Though it’s not FFG’s most popular game, it has a spot in many a gamer’s collection, due to its approachable gameplay, affordable price, and small size. Although I have not posted a review of Citadels, I can vouch for its quality. In addition, Mike listed Citadels as his second favorite game of 2015. It’s a good one! The copy I have is still sealed with shrinkwrap, and has never been opened.


There are several ways of entering, and each one will grant you one entry. This means that, if you do multiple options, you’ll have a higher chance of winning the game! When the deadline ends, the winner will be randomly chosen.

Unfortunately, the contest is restricted to people in the US. I would love to include everybody, but the simple fact is that the cost of shipping internationally is likely to exceed the cost of the game itself. In future giveaways, this might not be an issue, as the game will come directly from Amazon itself, instead of from my collection.

Without further ado, here are your options for entering into the contest. Remember that you only need to do one of these to be entered into the contest, though you can do multiple if you wish (which will increase your odds by a slight amount).

1) Follow Board Game Resource on Twitter (1 entry)

This one’s easy! Just press that “follow” button and you’re in! Everybody that follows the site from here until the deadline will be entered into the drawing. BG_Resource is our Twitter handle. You can follow us there, or use the handy Twitter box on our sidebar.

If you already follow us, either leave a comment here or tweet to us letting us know, and you’ll be given an entry!

2) Like our Facebook page (1 entry)

The same as above. If you’ve already liked our page, again, just let us know either here or on Facebook, and we’ll give you an entry for this one. Our Facebook page can be found here.

3) Tweet about this giveaway and mention us (1 entry)

One of the goals with this giveaway is to help spread the word about Board Game Resource. If you tweet about this giveaway, that’s another way to be entered into the contest! Some guidelines:

-The tweet must mention the giveaway and link to this page

-The tweet needs to mention us (@BG_Resource) (so we can know who to enter!)

4) Share a post from our Facebook page (1 entry)

Similar to the twitter option above, if you simply share one of our posts on Facebook, you’ll be given an entry into the drawing! In order to be considered, please share one of the posts that’s already on our Facebook page. This makes it easy to track who’s doing what. You just need to go to our Facebook page, click the “share” button on any one of our posts, and you’re good to go.

5) Let us know what YOU want to see from Board Game Resource (1 entry)

No social media here! All you have to do is leave a comment on this page, telling us something you’d like to see from Board Game Resource going onward. This is to help BGR become a better site, and to give me a clear idea of what ideas to pursue as I continue to push the site forward.

I have a big vision for Board Game Resource that goes way beyond what the site is right now. In the long-term, I want to see BGR to truly become a resource for tabletop gamers, and not just a glorified blog as it stands right now. While BGR reviews, articles, news, and basically everything else you see right now will always be a staple of the site, I want to move beyond that. I want to add membership/community functions, and a board game database so that anybody could look up a game they’re interested in, and find ample information on it, not just articles that we’ve written.

And that’s where you come in.

I want to know what you would like to see from Board Game Resource. This can be anything. It can be a specific game you want us to cover, or it can be a website function that doesn’t exist at all on the site. Would you like to see a daily poll added? Do you want message boards? Would you like to be able to post your own user reviews? Do you think we should change our layout? Let us know! This kind of feedback is worth its weight in gold, and we love hearing what readers think about the site. Leave a comment on this page with one idea (or more) to be given an entry.

6) Donate to Board Game Resource (1 entry)

Finally, If you want to show your appreciation for the site, you can leave a donation via our GoFundMe page, which will be used to improve the site. Any amount, even $1.00, will give you an entry into the giveaway.

In my current situation, I have to take things slowly when it comes to investing in Board Game Resource. I have a finite amount of money to spend on new games, and even more importantly, site features that could greatly enrich the site. Although I wish I could say that I programmed this whole thing from scratch, I didn’t. BGR was made with WordPress, and as such, is an aggregation of all kinds of bells and whistles that give the site its functionality.

WordPress plugins are among those bells and whistles. There are millions of WordPress plugins that can dramatically alter the composition of a website. In fact, many seasoned web developers opt to make WordPress sites these days instead of building from scratch (despite having the knowledge to do so) due to all the pre-made tools that are at their disposal. Powerful plugins exist for WordPress sites, and many of them charge a hefty fee for access to make use of their abilities. I would love to add membership/community functions to the site, and this is something donations would strongly help with.

In addition, donation funds would help to give me access to games that people would like to see covered, as well as help pay for more writing talent so there’s a more constant flow of content.

If you want to donate, please do so through our GoFundMe page hereAgain, ANY amount is very much appreciated.

Once again, thank you for reading Board Game Resource. Without the people that visit this site, it would be nothing, and the viewership is a strong motivator for me to keep putting more into it. I hope to see BGR become what I envision it to be someday, and that can’t happen without your support!


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