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Review – Galaxy Trucker

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Galaxy Trucker Review

It’s the distant future. Mankind has achieved the miraculous feat of interstellar travel, and the fantasies of man about a spacefaring destiny have come true. What do you want to be? A Jedi Knight? A captain of a Starfleet ship? An intergalactic bounty hunter? An alien’s best friend? Well, sorry bub, the future ain’t that bright. Sure, there are cool things in space, but let’s not forget that our everyday needs still need to be met, and as such, there are certain, well, mundane jobs that need to be fulfilled.

Enter Galaxy Trucker. That’s right, space goods don’t just ship themselves, you know. Even the open galactic expanse needs truckers, and that’s where you come in. Galaxy Trucker, designed by Vlaada Chvatil (Through the Ages, Codenames) and published by Czech Games Edition in 2007, is a game that puts you in the driver’s seat of a galactic shipping business, and it’s up to you to make sure that your corporation is the most profitable at the end of the day.

Galaxy Trucker is a two to four player game where players build ships, and then send them into the wild frontier of outer space. In this barbaric journey, only the best of ships will survive. It’s up to you to build a ship that will endure extraterrestrial threats, asteroid barrages, and even war-torn combat zones. Will your ship fall apart and float back home as a pathetic shell of what it once was, or will you experience a triumphal return and become the wealthiest man in space? In Galaxy Trucker, all of that is up to you.

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Galaxy Trucker is one of my new favorite games, in my top ten for sure. I didn’t know that much about the game until I bought it, I had only heard bits and pieces here and there. What I found when I opened up the box was something entirely unique and fresh, and I haven’t gotten sick of it yet. Galaxy Trucker really amazed me with its brilliant simultaneous gameplay mechanics, chaotic craziness (that still allows for good strategy), silly and witty theme, and reasonable play time. Everything about this game just feels so original–its mechanics were something I had never seen before, its theme is a comical spin-off of an otherwise overdone genre, and its looneyness is so finely tuned that it walks a near-perfect line right between randomness and strategy, offering neither in excess, nor depriving us of one or the other.

Galaxy Trucker, with its short play time, is easy to bring to the table, though it’s an awkward game for newcomers to learn, and they might feel unfairly disadvantaged their first time through. The game is also meant to be chaotic, but allows players to bypass that element completely, which is unfortunately a very easy thing to do. Furthermore, the game works much better at four players than with two or three, though it’s still viable at the latter count.

Despite any difficulties you might have in warming up new players to the game, or pushing your group to be competitive, when Galaxy Trucker works, it really works, and let me tell you that it works just about all of the time. If Galaxy Trucker sounds like something you haven’t yet experienced in your collection, I urge you to give it a try. It is fiercely unique and original, and with so much expansionary content and a reasonable fan following, it’s a game that’s likely to stay young for years to come. This is my second game from designer Vlaada Chvatil, and I’ve been made a believer. I can’t wait to dig into another one of his games, and I hope you will too.

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  • You crave simultaneous gameplay
  • You enjoy building things
  • You don’t completely lose your mind under pressure
  • Enjoy chaos in your games but still want enough strategic depth to keep you satisfied
  • You learn your games from the rulebook
  • Want a game that’s satisfying in weight but can be finished in an hour or less
  • You like having plenty of expansionary content
  • Your dream job is being a trucker and you’ve been waiting your whole life for a board game to address the profession


  • You like to spend large quantities of time on your phone when you play games
  • You lose your mind when you’re not able to take your time
  • Routinely introduce new players to your sessions
  • You like to feel like you’re in control of everything that happens to you in games
  • You don’t feel like you’ll ever be able to get four players together
  • You appreciate a mature, serious theme
  • You’re easily frustrated by misfortune

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