Fantasy Flight Announces Game of Thrones Trivia Game (It’s More Than it Sounds Like)

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Continuing their ironclad conquest in the realm of tabletop gaming, Fantasy Flight has announced yet another new game, this one under the Game of Thrones license, over which FFG has been a steward for many years. There have been many board game iterations of Game of Thrones, the most famous being Game of Thrones: The Board Game, and Game of Thrones: The Living Card Game, both of which are based on the literary universe of George RR Martin’s famous works.  The trivia game differs in this respect, being based off of the cinematic series.

This seems a surprising move for Fantasy Flight Games, who is known for publishing games that are highly strategic, and just about as far away from party games as you can get. Given that trivia games typically fall into mass market/party appeal, I’m not sure if anyone was expecting FFG to launch one of their own.


However, it’s not what it seems. Interestingly, this game seems to have its own beefy layer of board game underneath the trivia, and allows you to play with basic or “advanced” rules. With advanced rules, answering questions correctly will only be one part of winning the game, introducing resources, ally cards, and alliances into the mix, which can all be used strategically depending on how well you’ve been answering the questions. Trivial Pursuit, this is not. I would never expect a trivia game to take the form of a tactical designer game, but it’s fun to speculate about.

It wouldn’t be surprising if FFG was launching this game as sort of an experiment; a way to test the waters by appealing to more broad audiences. By using the TV license, which has a stronger mainstream following than the books, and making it a trivia game, it’s conceivable that newer audiences might end up eating this one up. If all ends well, we might just have a new type of gateway game on our hands. I, for one, am excited to see how it turns out.

To read the full announcement from FFG, click here.

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