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Fantasy Flight Announces Star Wars: Rebellion

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What a time to be alive for Star Wars fans! Continuing our stream of Star Wars news, Fantasy Flight has gone and done it again – they’ve announced yet another Star Wars game, one that also happens to be shipped in a ginormous box. Yeah, it’s okay Fantasy Flight, I was getting sick of having money anyway.

Star Wars Rebellion breaks away from the typical formula of Fantasy Flight’s previous Star Wars offerings in the sense that it appears to be more like a traditional board game, rather than following a collectible miniatures formula like Imperial Assault, X-Wingand Armada. While this game does include miniatures, they’re used more in line with what you’d see in Risk, Axis vs. Allies, or The War of the Ring, as military units that are moved around to push your conquest.

The game appears to be a two to four player game of galactic conquest, where one player controls the entirety of the Empire, and another controls the struggling Rebellion. The game is asymmetrical in nature; the Empire commands legions of starships and military, whereas the Rebellion fights a war of attrition, fighting more to rally planets to their cause and using military only for swift, concentrated strikes at the opportune moment. It seems like all the characters we know and love are represented here, with favorites such as Luke and Tarkin appearing in FFG’s official preview, which can be read here.

Experience the Galactic Civil War like never before. In Rebellion, you control the entire Galactic Empire or the fledgling Rebel Alliance. You must command starships, account for troop movements, and rally systems to your cause. Featuring more than 150 plastic miniatures and two game boards that account for thirty-two of the Star Wars galaxy’s most notable systems, Rebellion features a scope that is as large and sweeping as the Star Wars universe deserves.

Simultaneously, it is intensely personal, cinematic, and heroic. Your forces are led by iconic heroes or villains. Including such characters as Leia Organa, Mon Mothma, Grand Moff Tarkin, and Emperor Palpatine, these leaders and their individual talents drive everything you do. As civil war spreads throughout the galaxy, these leaders are invaluable to your efforts, and the secret missions they attempt will evoke many of the most inspiring moments from the classic trilogy. You might send Luke Skywalker to receive Jedi training on Dagobah or have Darth Vader spring a trap that freezes Han Solo in carbonite!

Ultimately, your games will span multiple star systems. Many fighters will be lost. Many troopers will fall. Planets will join the Rebellion before they’re overrun by the Empire and subjugated. Imperial officers may capture Rebel spies and interrogate them for valuable information. A hotshot Rebel pilot may land a one-in-a-million shot against the Death Star and destroy it. In Rebellion, you and your friends decide the final fate of the galaxy. Will it remain under tyrannical rule, or will a select few manage to liberate it?Fantasy Flight Games Official Preview

This announcement begs some interesting questions. Thus far, Fantasy Flight does not technically own the rights to make Star Wars board games. That part of the license actually belongs to Hasbro. Indeed, FFG owns the rights to make Star Wars miniatures games and card games. This is one reason why FFG’s heaviest hitters in the Star Wars domain have been miniatures games. They seem determined to push the limit of this license as far as they can, as Imperial Assault was essentially a hybrid board game/miniatures game, and technically had to be distributed by Hasbro as a result. This game does not appear to be collectible at all, and feels more like a board game than any other offering so far. Is something going on behind the scenes that’s allowing FFG to push the boundaries of what they can do with Star Wars? Has a compromise been made with Hasbro?

In any case, this is excellent news for anybody who is both a gamer and a Star Wars fan. The Fantasy Flight Star Wars games, thus far, have been of absolute, impeccable quality, and Rebellion looks to be something that’s entirely unique.

Expect to see Rebellion in the first quarter of 2016.

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