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DEAL: Star Wars Risk: Black Series Edition $20 off on Amazon Today

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Star Wars Risk: Black Series Edition is $20 off on Amazon for Cyber Monday only, which is a heck of a deal if you’ve been looking at this game. The markdown brings it down to $30. The important thing to note here is that this is the Black Series Edition, which is another way of saying it’s a super fancy version of the normal game. The “Black Series” is a staple of almost all Star Wars merchandise these days; there are Black Series action figures, Micro Machines, statues, and it looks like now there are Black Series board games. At the current sale price on Amazon, the game is actually cheaper than the normal, less-black version.

Also, don’t let the name “Risk” scare you off with this one. Although it’s called “Star Wars Risk,” the game is not really like Risk at all. There is some dice combat, but the design of the game is actually completely different, and much more similar to an older Star Wars game from the days of Episode I called The Queen’s Gambit. This game was highly acclaimed when it was out, and it’s so hard to find now that copies sell online for hundreds of dollars. If you’re looking for a fun Star Wars game that’s not in the super high up price range of Fantasy Flight’s offerings (even though I would argue those are worth their weight in gold), this is a great choice.

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