DEAL: Imperial Assault down to $60 on Amazon

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Although it looks like this has going on for a little while, we noticed that Imperial Assault has dropped down to $60 on Amazon, with Prime shipping available. For anyone who’s been eyeing this game, especially in this season where we’ve all got Star Wars fever, this is simply a deal that you cannot beat.

In our Imperial Assault Review, we talked about how Imperial Assault is one of the best deals in all of tabletop gaming, due to the ridiculous amount of content that’s packed in the box. This is the game that keeps on giving, and at $60, there’s really no question at all of whether you should get this game. Do it! The Force is very, very strong with this one.

Check out the deal here

Amazon also has some figure packs for sale, under a link for “30% off on select Imperial Assault products.” However, these don’t seem to be priced any better than they usually are.

Additionally, Return to Hoth (check out our unboxing here) is available for $51, which is an incredible expansion that significantly increases the replayability of Imperial Assault in every single way, adding sixteen new figures, a full sized campaign, and four-player skirmish mode. Check it out!


  1. Hey, love the site, and I just used your referral link to pick up Imperial Assault. I would go ahead and be transparent about the fact that it is a referral link (I mean most people know this, but everyone will appreciate the transparency).

  2. Author

    Awesome! Imperial Assault is great, you won’t regret it. 🙂 As for the affiliate disclosure, I have a section in the sidebar that clarifies that Amazon links on the website are referral links. There are links scattered all over the site, so it’s easier to make a catch-all statement in the sidebar rather than to clarify it in every post. That being said, perhaps I should move it up higher if people aren’t catching it.

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