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DEAL: Anno 1503 by Klaus Teuber is $11.99 on Amazon

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What, you’ve never heard of Anno 1503? Well, me neither, up until today. But that’s okay! We like to post deals here, and we saw this one pop up today. Anno 1503 is currently on sale for $11.99. We checked CamelCamelCamel, and it looks like this game has seldom ever dropped under $30, so it’s a fraction of the cost of what you’d usually have to pay if you want to play this title.

It wouldn’t be a surprise if you’ve never heard of Anno 1503. I mean, I run this site and I had never heard of it. Some digging, however, reveals some good things.

First of all, it’s a Klaus Teuber game, which we all know is the designer/inventor of Settlers of CatanCatan is, of course, the most prolific “gateway game” of all time at this point, and has served as the introductory bridge for many people’s transition from mass market games into modern designer games. Even if you’ve grown bored with Catan, even I can’t deny that there is beauty in its simplicity. I, like many others, can look at Catan as one of the main reasons I got into gaming.

Second, consensus is that the game is pretty decent. Is it one of the best games ever made? Obviously not, otherwise it would probably be more well-known. However, most people seem to praise it as a more strategic, less lucky version of Catan. It’s got the exploration and resource management, without the luck of the dice that many people have come to curse from their Catan games.

Anno 1503 might not do much to stand out as some fantastic game of this generation, but it’s supposedly a nice little game that encapsulates the feeling of voyaging on the seas fairly well. In other words, it might not be worth $30, but at $11.99, why not? Worst case, you’ve regretfully spent two meals worth of fast food, and best case, you may have picked up an awesome game for the same value! I went ahead and got a copy.

Click here to see the deal page.

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