DEAL: Tons of Games Discounted on Amazon for Cyber Monday, Get ’em While They Last

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Continuing our coverage of Cyber Monday Deals, tons of games have started getting marked down on Amazon. We’re attempting to maintain a list of all of them, though it’s easy for things to slip through!

For a complete list of currently promoted deals, you can check out the Games Cyber Monday Page on Amazon, which has more than what’s listed here.

We’ll try to keep the list updated as more games show up, but for now, get these while they last!

7 Wonders ($22.40)
Asara ($22.92)
Battle of Westeros ($42.75) RUNNING OUT
Betrayal at House on the Hill ($24.15)
Bootleggers ($29.51)
Castle Panic ($17.67)

City of Iron: Experts and Giants ($14.11)
Codenames ($19.95)
Colt Express ($29.00)
D&D Attack Wing Wyvern Expansion ($11.45)
Dead of Winter ($43.49)
Dominion ($19.95)
Dragon Slayer ($7.99)
Exodus: Proxima Centauri ($65.58)
Fistful of Dinero ($14.96)
Five Tribes ($42.00)
Flash Point Fire Rescue ($22.99)
Haggis ($8.99)

Hawken Real-Time Card Game: Scout vs. Grenadier ($8.80)
Hobbit Deck Building Game ($10.99)

Humans!!! 2 Seafood ($12.36)
Hungry Higgs ($45.64)
Illusio ($12.94)
Iron Kingdoms: Kings Nations & Gods ($32.13)
King of Tokyo ($19.86)
Lagoon: Land of Druids ($13.29)
Lord of the Rings Deck Building Game ($9.99)
Lost Temple ($20.58)
LotR: Return of the King Deck Building Game ($10.99)
LotR: Two Towers Deck Building Game ($9.98)
Machi Koro ($14.99)
Munchkin Deluxe ($16.17)

Only War: Final Testament ($21.24)
Pandemic ($22.49)
Patrician ($15.80)
Resistance ($14.09)

Revolver: Hunt the Man Down ($8.31)
Revolver: Ambush on Gunshot Trail ($11.19)
San Juan ($21.88) 
Shafausa ($12.99)
Sheepland ($18.95)
Sheriff of Nottingham ($24.50)
Smash Up ($13.30)

Star Wars Armada: Corellian Corvette Expansion ($14.51)
Star Wars LCG – Battle of Hoth Force Pack ($9.94)
Summoner Wars Cave Goblins Second Faction Deck  ($9.08)
Summoner Wars Dwarves Second Faction Deck ($7.20)
Summoner Wars Tundra Orcs Second Faction Deck ($6.79)
Takenoko ($22.75)
Timeline: Historical Events ($7.84)
Trains ($22.37)
Venetia ($35.52)
Warhammer Diskwars Hammer and Hold Expansion ($16.34)
Zombicide ($60.99)
Zombicide Season 2 ($61.99)

Zombicide Season 3 ($66.75)

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