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Blood Rage Review


Eric Lang and Guillotine Games proudly present Blood Rage, a game of glorious Viking battle for 2-4 players that lasts 60-90 minutes.  While this game was released for retail sale in November of 2015, it was widely available before then due to its Kickstarter, which nearly hit the million dollar mark.

Ragnarok has come.  Your Nordic clan must fight and die gloriously to take its place in Valhalla at Odin’s side.

It’s very difficult to find anyone posting anything negative on the internet about this game—believe me, I looked—but even the most critically acclaimed games might not demand a spot on every shelf.  Let’s take a look and find out if it belongs on yours.


How do you play the game? Is it a fun experience? How much interaction is there between the players? Is there very much luck involved? Will it take forever to to learn and teach?



How much strategy is involved? Is there a sense of variety and balance? Does the game play well no matter how many players there are? How long does it take to play?


Look and Feel

Is the game aesthetically pleasing? Are the components made out of quality material, or do they feel cheap? Is the rulebook well-designed and easy to read? How well is theme integrated into the game?



Is it a game you can play over and over? Are there expansions available for the game, and if so, are they necessary? Does the amount of the content in the box justify the price?



I’m forced to agree with the general consensus—Blood Rage is an absolutely fantastic game.

Eric Lang has grown even more as a designer since his previous releases, and has brought us the game we always wanted Chaos in the Old World to be.  Blood Rage is a guys-on-a-map game, yes, but its spirit and depth surpass much of what we’ve seen in the genre to date, and I believe it has the diversity and power to cross boundaries as an ambassador between gamer demographics.

Blood Rage isn’t perfect.  Some of the visual design is a bit off, and it’s far from an inexpensive game.  Though not particularly complicated, it is definitely complex, so it does require a certain analytical approach to play that not every game group would be interested in.  A bit of missed design space could have been used to improve replay value, but the game is strong enough to hold on its own even without the help of expansions.

Blood Rage’s theme is excellent, and is beautifully bonded with its mechanics to provide players with a flavorful and fun experience.  Sadly, the thematic elements failed to accurately capture the details and essence of Norse culture and mythology, but this lack of consistency with the source material has no impact on Blood Rage’s stellar gameplay.

The best part about this game is its intensity.  The nature of the action phase causes the whole board to rise to a boil, then release all at once when a player decides to start a battle.  Blood Rage’s roller coaster of tension provides for a gripping, engaging experience, from the very start of the game to the bitter bloody end.

Looking for a medium-weight, highly interactive and tactical game for 2-4 players?  You can’t go wrong with Blood Rage.

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  • You’ve ever liked any miniatures war game. Ever.
  • You enjoy interactive games that take you to the edge of your seat
  • You like Chaos in the Old World, but wish it were more streamlined
  • You usually stick to simpler Euro-style games, but you’d be open to broadening your horizons
  • You’re looking for a game where luck isn’t a factor in combat
  • Hot minis totally do it for you
  • You enjoy medium-weight strategy games—not necessarily just war games—with multiple routes to victory
  • You’re interested in pillaging the World Tree with your good buddy the Dwarf King


  • You don’t like miniature war games, and you’re not open to trying one out
  • You’re a true stickler for details in Norse mythology
  • You still haven’t finished cutting your teeth on gateway games
  • You and your group shy away from games that are too intense
  • You tend to prefer party and family games
  • You prefer games that require less focus, and are more forgiving when you make a miscalculation
  • Your village was burned by Vikings, and you hold a bit of a grudge
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    1. I don’t think that was the implication at all. He’s just saying that the art in general has an antiquated style, and I kind of agree. :p No need to get riled up about it.

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