DEAL: Preorder Battle for Sularia on Cyber Monday ($25) and Get an Exclusive Animus Vox Alternate Art Promo Card

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Cyber Monday will be a day for plentiful deals, and it’s no exception in the realm of board games. We’ll be sure to report on anything we find, but to start things off, there’s a special preorder deal going on for Battle of Sularia. If you haven’t heard the name before, Battle for Sularia is a new, up-and-coming Kickstarter game that met its funding goals and is set to launch on January 22.


Battle for Sularia combines elements of popular LCGs/CCGs into one game where players can construct decks and battle against each other in quick games that can be played in twenty minutes. The game has been met with extremely positive reception across the board, and preorders are live. Here is an official description of the game from the designers:

Battle for Sularia: The Battle Begins™ fuses the pulse-pounding action of card combat with the immersive strategy of domain construction and dual resource management, all in 20-minutes of gameplay.

Conflict rages across the ravaged husk of Sularia between the superhuman Jotune and the robotic Synthien menace. Choose your faction and ally yourself with the heroic Lords of the Jotune, masters of warfare, who plunge into battle on fiery wings or stride into the fray, dispatching scores of foes with crackling warhammers; or join the Synthien, a race of cyborgs and synthoids bent on carving out a new machine empire in the irradiated wastes with the might of colossal warhulks and unmatched raw firepower. Unexpected allies await; hire ruthless mercenaries to fight alongside your forces and employ their cutthroat tactics to your advantage.

You are a Battle Commander amongst many. Vie for supremacy in multiple play modes – 2 player head-to-head constructed, 2-8 player draft, and 2+ multi-player casual constructed. Battle for Sularia is a non-collectible Battle Card System™ game, which uses an innovative new “60/90” deck construction system and introduces a construction point value for each card. A new level of strategy is introduced as Battle Commanders are challenged to craft a minimum 60 card play deck while spending no more than 90 construction points to create it.

Gain influence, establish sites, mine sularium, and lead your forces to victory. On the post-apocalyptic world of Sularia your survival depends on it. Punch-It Entertainment

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Tomorrow, on Cyber Monday only, if you preorder the game, you’ll get a special alternative art version of the “Animus Vox” card. While this is a nice little incentive, we wanted to get the word out in general for this game, which comes at a fairly low price tag at $25. Check out the official page here, and feel free to poke around the website to learn more about the game.



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