Aaaaand the winner of our Age of Steam giveaway is……

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The week has come and gone, and our Age of Steam giveaway has ended! After making sure I had everyone included who entered into the contest, I conducted a random drawing and Eric S is our lucky winner! Merry Christmas, Eric! We have reached out to the contest winner via Facebook, and we are arranging for the prize to be sent.

Thank you for everybody who entered the contest! I hope you will continue to follow BGR, both here and on Facebook. I have been extremely busy, but a long season of work and school has ended, thus freeing up time for me to create a lot of content for everyone to enjoy. I promise you’ll see much more content in the coming months now that this busy season has ended!

We will post an update when the winner has received the gift.

Happy holidays, everybody!

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  1. Huzzah! Maybe I can get the guys over at Heavy Cardboard to teach me this one. Thanks again!

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