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I’m sure many readers have noticed that the site has been slow this last week. Oof! I just picked up a new job and that’s been taking up a lot of time, but I’m working on some content that should be ready to go up soon!

Specifically, I’ve got some reviews on the way. Expect to see these titles reviewed soon:

Small World (estimated date: today or tomorrow)

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A modern designer game classic, Small World by Days of Wonder is a popular conflict/area control title that has spawned many add-ons and expansions, and still commands a loyal following today.

Pocket Neon City Rumble (estimated date: tomorrow)

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Ever imagined what it’d be like to have Street Fighter: The Card Game? That’s Pocket Neon City Rumble, a quick and dirty filler card game that’s currently live on Kickstarter. The game launched only two days ago, and is already 75% funded. Do you enjoy the thrill of unlocking characters in your favorite fighting game? Head over and help get the game funded! Those stretch goals will bring more and more fighters to the table.

JunKing (estimated date: early next week)


A freshly launched, successfully funded Kickstarter titleJunKing is a nice card game for gamers who might want to play something a little more light, or for families looking for an experience that both parents and children can enjoy. JunKing pits players against each other to become the Junk King! The theme is particularly unique here, as players are “imps” who are competing to be top dog in their junk lands. It’s an original theme with good aesthetics and a whimsical feeling. Check out the game’s website here.

Battle for Sularia (estimated date: late next week)

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Battle for Sularia is a game that we’ve already written a preview for–this is another successfully funded Kickstarter title that’s shipping out to all its backers. Sularia is a game that claims to combine the best elements of CCG/LCGs into a streamlined battle card game that can be enjoyed by most everyone. I have much more to explore with this one, but I can already say that the aesthetic quality is top notch. Sularia has an intriguing futuristic dystopian universe, with fantastic artwork that really sells the theme. Check out the game’s website here while you’re waiting on the review!

So there’s a good taste of things to come–as always, thanks for reading!

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