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    The modality is totally mediated by technologies through the FRBA Virtual Campus. The activities that will be carried out:

    Weekly discussion forums proposed by the teacher (one forum per unit).
    Consult the teacher through e-mail or chat.
    Dictation of classes in real time through a Virtual Synchronic Classroom (AVS)
    Weekly reading material and by thematic unit
    Individual and / or group activities of weekly practical application and by thematic unit.
    Weekly evaluations and by thematic unit on the basis of practical works of application of the acquired knowledge.
    It is a basically asynchronous modality with the complement of the AVS, which exceeds the instance of self-study by the implementation of proactive forums coordinated by the teacher-tutor and dictation of classes in real time. The forums fulfill four fundamental pedagogical-didactic functions: 1) They are the place for the presentation of doubts, queries and critical opinions of the students; 2) They are the main space for the generation of feedback (feed back) between teachers-tutors and students and students among themselves; 3) It is the specific place for discussion, coordinated by the teacher-tutor, of all the topics covered in the modules of the specialty or course and 4) It is the place for peer-to-peer learning. At the same time,

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    The FRBA e-learning Center, in its continuous improvement program, has decided to incorporate the classes in real time, as a complement to the asynchronous modality, through the use of a Virtual Synchronic Classroom (AVS). Therefore, all courses and specialties must incorporate classes in real time. According to their possibilities and needs, those responsible for the courses and specialties will decide their use in a minimum frequency of one class per module (monthly) and maximum of eight classes per module.

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